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Action-sustaining membership and bequests

Without which a history of the Mahurangi would not have seen the light of day

Mahurangi mussels in to save the planet

Green-lipped-mussel-reef establishment might seem an unlikely choice for a climate-change tour-de-force by the organisation that revived the Mahurangi Regatta 42 years ago this summer. But Mahurangi Action believes that the beauty of the…

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Beautiful bequeathing friends of the Mahurangi

Possibly the only thing they shared was their love for the Mahurangi. One was a British-born immigrant and bomber navigator. The other, a 34th, or thereabouts, generation New Zealander, and Pukapuka postmistress. Wilfred ‘Wilf’…

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Methods of building membership in the digital age

It took the stuffing of thousands of envelops, and the licking of a like number of stamps. That, and the not inconsiderable matter of the publishing and launching of Jade River : A History of the Mahurangi, and the membership of Mahurangi…

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