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About the Mahurangi Regatta

Small buoys in Sullivans Bay

  It may take a year or two to take. The aim is to provide a fairway to allow craft to race or parade past the beach, so as to provide shoreside spectators with a——spectacle. At this year’s Mahurangi Regatta, as well as the four-decade-long practice of buoying off an...

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Re-imagining the Mahurangi Regatta beyond the coastal trail

That the Mahurangi Regatta is a regional event is beyond dispute. The venerable event’s region-wide appeal is now backed up by data, collected at this year’s regatta by Auckland Council following its decision to grant $4000 towards the costs of hosting the 2015...

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A little about the Mahurangi Regatta

It’s a good old-fashioned leave-your-wallet-at-home picnic regatta. Held on the Saturday of Auckland Anniversary weekend, the Mahurangi Regatta nicely bookends the region’s weekend of festivities that culminate in the world’s largest regatta, sailed out of the...

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For canine crew members, regatta rules okay

Updated January 2018 Dogs are welcome at the Mahurangi Regatta, just not everywhere. For example, dogs are not permitted at Sullivans Bay at any time. But next door at [tooltip text="Mita is pronounced Meetuh, and although newcomers tend to pronounce it Mitre, even...

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Mahurangi Regatta and the revival of a tradition

The first Mahurangi Regatta is not recorded. Mahurangi’s first possibly dates from the establishment of Gordon Browne’s spar station in the harbour, in 1832, or more probably, from when HMS Buffalo called in 1834—spoiling things, in Browne’s opinion, by paying local...

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