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Mahurangi Regatta 2018

Celebrating the 41st anniversary of the Mahurangi Regatta revival…

Unlocking the magic of places – an impossible dream for Warkworth

Change is inevitable. What is not inevitable is the quality of that change…

Kids Voting curtain-raiser could electrify elections

…what better way for a family with school-aged to share the voting experience, than by discussing the Kids Voting results … then compare with the real thing, as it played out over the next hour or two…

Tidal-river-power and the grid

Most public transport in Aotearoa is fossil-fuel powered. But that would not excuse a fossil-fuelled ferry forming a key component of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail. Fortuitously, as described in Minimum Impact 100% River-Powered, a fossil-fuel-free solution...

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President’s report

The planned fivefold increase in population of its tidehead town is critical to the future of the Mahurangi watershed. If, within a couple of decades, a town of more than 20 000 has an attractive, swimmable river as the hero element of a broad linear park,...

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Minimum impact 100% river-powered

In one respect, it could not be easier. Build a coastal trail linking three regional parks, all on publicly owned land. However, if it had in fact been easy, it would have happened soon after Mahurangi Action first suggested it, three decades ago. The...

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Region survives serial secessionism

Serial attempts to turn the clock back six decades have failed, and deservedly. For without regional governance, Aucklanders would be much the poorer, for example, 27 sublime regional parks poorer. It would also lack a cohesive planning mechanism to cope...

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Founder of tidehead town

The town had its beginnings in a water-powered sawmill, the first in the Mahurangi. Its proprietor, John Anderson Brown, thus became successor in the local timber industry to his near namesake, Gordon Browne. Unlike his predecessor he was no transient; there, at the tidehead, he lived out a productive life, and saw…

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Democratise coalitions now!

Half voted for change, and half for the status quo. The 44.4% who voted for the New Zealand National Party, and the 0.5% who voted for what remains of ex-Labour-finance-minister Roger Douglas’ rebel act party, are now represented by 57 opposition members of...

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Single super-coalition shot

If New Zealanders elected their prime minister, there would now be a clear winner. And, unless it was under the old deeply undemocratic first-past-the-post system, that winner would be Winston Peters. Because, while Jacinda Ardern and Bill English top the...

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Warkworth, the watershed, and the whitebait

The Mahurangi was always going to need all the help it could get. When, in 2004, the then Auckland Regional Council announced a $3 million, 5-year kickstart to address the harbour’s elevated sediment accumulation rate, Mahurangi Action was advised, regarding a similar...

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