Mahurangi Coastal Trail taking shapely

Most of the coastal trail is already in use, has been for decades…

Coastal Trade on the Mahurangi River

Historical Archaeology of Coastal Trade on the Mahurangi River – Bree Wooller

doors open for refreshments 5 pm – talk begins 5.30 pm

Thursday 25 July Warkworth Town Hall Talk

The Secret Life of Whitebait, by Sophie Tweedle. Talk begins 5.30 pm

Monday 25 March draft structure plan deadline

Deadline for feedback on Draft Warkworth Structure Plan was midnight 25 March

Exploring alternatives to losing the Wilson weir

With a stay of execution for the Wilson weir comes the imperative to learn so much more

Mahurangi Regatta 2019 and Up the Mahu!

Celebrating 42nd anniversary of revival, and first two-day Mahurangi Regatta!

Second time science mussels into the Mahurangi

…green-lipped mussel reef establishment is a bold and emblematic means of addressing

the Mahurangi Harbour’s elevated sediment accumulation rate…

Odds against tomorrow without ultimate sacrifice

Youth-led breeding moratorium humanity’s best, but possibly only hope.

Unlocking the magic of places – an impossible dream for Warkworth

Change is inevitable. What is not inevitable is the quality of that change…

Kids Voting curtain-raiser could electrify elections

…what better way for a family with school-aged to share the voting experience, than by discussing the Kids Voting results … then compare with the real thing, as it played out over the next hour or two…

hmss Buffalo arrives at Mr Browne’s establishment

His putative youngest brother was Charles Dickens’ friend and illustrator, Hablot Knight Browne, aka Phiz. Putative, because Hablot was in fact the nephew of the founder of the Auckland region’s first European settlement, George Davis Browne…

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Fourth Thursdays 3rd time lucky after 20 June

The clash wasn’t discovered until after 20 June was locked in for the Mahurangi Coastal Trail Taking Shapely town-hall talk. Having cheerfully ceded their second-Wednesdays slot to bpw Warkworth, the town-hall talks have found…

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Mahurangi Coastal Trail taking shapely

Most of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail is already in use, and has been for decades. This, thanks to the entire coastline from Waiwera to the Mahurangi Harbour becoming regional park between 1965 and 1973. Within that time, built by park staff…

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ipcc-understates-threat understatement

Bulletins proclaiming that the ipcc 1.5° report understates climate threat are literally understatements of epochal proportions. Self-reinforcing climate feedbacks already irreversibly underway signal civilization’s ever-growing greenhouse gas…

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On the ephemerality of beaches

Relying on economics to salvage a survivable climate is the 21st century equivalent of a standing down an army and leaving defence of the realm to wizardry. With the United States Senate summarily scuttling the Green New Deal, it might seem…

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Ceding second-Wednesdays for third-Thursdays

As of midnight last Monday, dredging the town basin and river downstream became the most urgent Mahurangi project. Up until that deadline, feedback on the structure plan that will shape development of Mahurangi’s tidehead town for…

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Strikingly unfit for fossil-fuel-free future

Anthropogenic climate disruption is not just another issue. It is the issue that will bedevil generation after generation for at least hundreds of years. Just how hard and how fast global warming will impact cannot be accurately quantified, given that…

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Seriously steeling the green network backbone

Whether the green network proposed in the Draft Warkworth Structure Plan is fit-for-purpose for this week’s climate-striking school students, for their next 30 years, must be the question. And given that streets, once surveyed, tend to endure, the…

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