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2019 Mahurangi Regatta programme

About the Regatta, Regatta 2019, Regatta sponsor

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Teak Construction, principal sponsor
solidly resourcing the Mahurangi Regatta
for the fourth year and the first ‘Up the Mahu!’

2019 Regatta Day Saturday 26 January

C elebrating the 42nd anniversary of the regatta revival by Mahurangi Action, and the first ‘Up the Mahu!’
Race organiser, since 1990, is the Mahurangi Cruising Club.

Friday Night-Race to Mahurangi

3 pm
Classic A and Modern Classics
3.05 pm
Classic B and Woollacott Series
3.10 pm
B Division – Hyslop Cup
6 pm
A Division – Barometer Trophy
Sailing Instructions
Anchorage note
Chart of the Mahurangi Harbour

Eight-Nautical-Mile Up the Mahu: Even if fewer than a third of the thousand or so craft that attend the Mahurangi Regatta form the eight-nautical-mile flotilla from the heads of the Mahurangi Harbour to its tidehead at Warkworth, filmed professionally by drone, this would produce a stunning visual record. A big ask of regatta-going skippers maybe, but it also buys bragging rights along the lines of “We were aboard the first Up-the-Mahu!—the first two-day Mahurangi Regatta!” chart Land Information New Zealand | annotation Mahurangi Magazine

Mahurangi Regatta

42nd anniversary of regatta revival by Mahurangi Action
160th anniversary of the first-recorded Mahurangi Regatta
Generally held at Sullivans Bay*
*In the event of strong easterly wind, sailing entries will be taken at Scotts Landing
*In the event of strong easterly wind and/or heavy rain, shoreside events will be cancelled.
Low tide 5.58 am (-1.42 m above mean level of sea)
High tide 12.17 pm (1.46 m)
Low tide 6.33 pm (-1.33 m)
High tide 12.43 am (1.24 m)

9–10 am
Registrations for Classic Launch Parade
9–11.30 am
Entries for sailing events
9–11 am
Launching of trailered boats entered in regatta, at Sullivans Bay
9.30–11.30 am
The Jane Gifford assumes her station as start boat
10.30 am
Classic Launch Parade—best viewed, and commentary heard, from southern half of beach
11 am
Shoreside events begin—running, sack, three-legged, and spud and spoon (enter by presenting at starting line)
12 pm
Master of the Mahurangi
Sailing events commence:
Sailing Programme
Sailing Instructions
Course for strong easterlies
channel 77
12.40 pm
Te Haupa Trophy
Smokefree logo

Mahurangi Regional Park and all 28 other region parks are smoke free. Next challenge, fossil-free, might not be quite so easy.

12.50 pm
Frostbites, Mistrals and Zephers
1.00 pm
Reactor and H28
1.20 pm
1.40 pm
Mahurangi Cup, L-Classmullet boats, and Traditional Spirit Trophy
2 pm
Modern Classics
1 pm–2.30 pm
Sand sculpture. Divisions for under 7 years, 7 to 11 years, 12 to 16 years, adults
2 pm
Shoreside events resume—swimming, kayak, open (sit-on) kayak, and, possibly, dinghy, blindfold boat, lost-the-dinghy-oars, rowed inflatable etc.— and any other event suggested that seems a good idea at the time!water run, egg throwing (enter by presenting at starting line)
2–4 pm
Free ferry will possibly again operate between the northern end of Sullivans Bay and Scotts Landing wharfContact Jim Dollimore on +6421812238 or Cimino Cole on +64274624872
3.30 pm–4.30 pm
Retrieval of trailered boats entered in regatta, at Sullivans Bay
4 pm
4.15 pm
Humongous annual egg-throwing competition
4.30 pm
Lolly scramble (grand finale of shoreside events)
Free shuttle bus 900 metres sign

New, New Free Shuttle Bus Signs: Strenuous efforts last year to get more visitors using the free Mahurangi Regatta shuttle bus earlier in the afternoon, before Scotts Landing became bloody, gang agley when the two 600 x 1200 signs disappeared, between the pre-regatta meeting and the day itself. If the two delinquents do eventually turn up, they will be erected along this year’s efforts, for double the impact. And, far from free, such signs are expensive, but extraordinary efforts are warranted to keep Scotts Landing pleasant, during an influx of more than a thousand people. image Mahurangi Magazine

Mahurangi Regatta Prize-Giving and Dance

Held at Scotts Landing
Revived by Mahurangi Action in 2004 in the form of a regatta ball as the grand finale of Warkworth’s 150th celebrations, then as a prize-giving dance—the traditional format—from the following year. In 2011, ex-tropical cyclone Wilma cancelled the regatta, and in 2012 a combination of mediocre weather and a lack of financial support precluded the event, but from 2014, largely thanks to the support of Auckland Council’s regional events fund, and finally from 2016 thanks to the long-term commitment of a significant sponsor—Teak Construction—the future of the prize-giving dance, and the regatta itself, is now secure.
Free use of gas barbecues—no ‘bar and burgers’ since 2010
There is no longer a cash bar nor burgers for sale. From 2013, the format returned to that of the prize-giving dance that prevailed before the regatta lapsed during World War II, when it was on bring-your-own basis. This makes the event much less financially risky, particularly when wild and/or wet weather intervenes, as it did, spectacularly, in 2011.

12 pm
Free Scotts Landing regatta shuttle commences operation. Primary run is the two kilometres of Ridge Road between paddock parking 125 metres north of Charles Street, and the landing, but the free shuttle will pick up and drop off anywhere within the Scotts Landing area: +64 27 462 4872
6 pm
Prize-giving dance commences, with musicians from the West City Jazz Orchestra
7 pm
Prize giving
8 pm
or earlier!—prize-giving dance resumes, with the full West City Jazz Orchestra
11 pm
Last dance
12 am
Last run by free regatta shuttle from Scotts Landing—if need be, to Mahurangi West: +64 27 462 4872

Sunday morning Mahurangi Return Race

10.30 am
Classic B and Modern B
11 am
Classic A and Modern A
Sailing Instructions


Sunday, day-after-the-regatta ‘Up the Mahu!’ flotilla

High tide 1.10 pm (1.34 metres above mean level of sea)

11.30 am
Booked passengers board the Jane Gifford at Scotts Landing jetty—fare to Warkworth is $25
12 pm
The Jane Gifford leads the dredging flotilla-of-support upriver to Warkworth
1.30 pm
The Jane Gifford arrives at Warkworth
1.30 pm–
Free regatta shuttlebus begins ferrying any folk who need to, back to Scotts Landing
2 pm
Pilot vessel departs Warkworth
4 pm
Slower pokes pass Scotts Landing on return
channel 77

  • Up the Mahu!

    If you are aboard, or even slightly interested, please leave your email:

  • Classic launch parade

    If you are aboard, please let the Classic Yacht Association know:

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