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Climate mobilisation

Courage for more than a cuppa

It’s 30 years since David Lange belatedly called taihoa. His Labour Party caucus cohorts had unleashed the neoliberal onslaught that, amongst other tragedies, precipitated New Zealand’s ongoing youth suicide…

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Loyal opposition reaches oblivious conclusion

It was a stroke of unintended brilliance, which has blighted democracy ever since. When John Cam Hobhouse coined the term loyal opposition, in jest, he could’ve had no inkling he would help dignify 190 years of two-party parliaments, where typically the only loyalty...

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Global warming mobilisation and 21st century Liberty ships

As a metaphor, the RMS‍ ‍Titanic eclipses the First World War. In turn, World War One eclipses the 1918 Pandemic, which claimed possibly six times as many lives than ‘the war to end war’. The classic Titanic message is that the world’s largest ship, hyped as...

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Dick Smith to Murdoch: Be a Beaverbrook

Event Launch of Dick Smith’s Population Crisis In a recent book, Terri Irwin makes this perceptive comment: In a hundred years, what difference is it going to make worrying about two acres of land. We need to focus on the real change that will make the world a better...

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Planet is doomed but save the sea and sky

The phrase ‘save the planet’ grates for good reason. Nothing that humankind can currently throw at it, greenhouse gases included, can affect the existence of planet Earth. Even if every nuclear weapon were detonated simultaneously for good measure, the planet would...

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Global warming too late to stop now

The reality is slowly dawning. Everything that made the timely warnings difficult to accept, now makes it impossible not to. The awe personified in the prayer ‘my boat is so small and your sea is so wide’ made preposterous the notion that mere man could change the...

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