Monday 25 March draft structure plan deadline

Deadline for feedback on Draft Warkworth Structure Plan was midnight 25 March

Wednesday 13 March Warkworth Town Hall Talk

Warkworth Watermills Millraces and Weirs by Robert Brassey. Talk begins 5.30 pm

Exploring alternatives to losing the Wilson weir

With a stay of execution for the Wilson weir comes the imperative to learn so much more

Mahurangi Regatta 2019 and Up the Mahu!

Celebrating 42nd anniversary of revival, and first two-day Mahurangi Regatta!

Second time science mussels into the Mahurangi

…green-lipped mussel reef establishment is a bold and emblematic means of addressing

the Mahurangi Harbour’s elevated sediment accumulation rate…

Odds against tomorrow without ultimate sacrifice

Youth-led breeding moratorium humanity’s best, but possibly only hope.

Unlocking the magic of places – an impossible dream for Warkworth

Change is inevitable. What is not inevitable is the quality of that change…

Kids Voting curtain-raiser could electrify elections

…what better way for a family with school-aged to share the voting experience, than by discussing the Kids Voting results … then compare with the real thing, as it played out over the next hour or two…

‘Up the Mahu!’ day-after-the-regatta flotilla

There could only be one flagship for the ‘Up the Mahu!’ day-after-the-regatta demonstration. The Jane Gifford scow, aside from being the face of the Mahurangi Regatta since 2010, following her heroic restoration, epitomises the necessity of…

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Time for town hall to take it to city hall

Warkworth Town Hall, inescapably, is where the community should assemble to make decisions for itself. Not the Auckland Town Hall, with its region-wide responsibilities for a city of 1.7 million. In a slightly less imperfect world, Mahurangi…

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Millrace to the rescue of whitebait and weir

Millennia before human habitation, the natural sandstone weir at the Mahurangi River tidehead would have formed a formidable barrier to īnanga in their imperative to migrate from the sea to freshwater reaches. Then, over about the last 6000 years, towards…

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Arising from ashes of the Phoenix

Better connecting its tidehead town to its river has been a Mahurangi Action goal, since the organisation was formed 44 years and a fortnight ago. Understandably, for a forward-looking town, Warkworth was built with its back to the river that represented…

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Phase 3 of action plan to connect the dots

Billed as a district and regional council initiative—in reality, all the running had been made by the Auckland Regional Council—the goal of Mahurangi Action Plan, launched in 2004, was to kickstart the fencing and planting of riparian margins, and…

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Warkworth Town Hall Talks are all action

Wednesday night’s wonderful, wonderfully well-attended town-hall talk wasn’t supposed to happen and wouldn’t have, had Auckland Council not hired Adrian and Alex Hayward to promote the use of the Warkworth Town Hall. The same day Adrian…

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