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Planning brave new Mahurangi tide-head town

Five-times-greater population pretty much means Warkworth will be a new town

Hobsonville-pointing satellite growth centre

While it was all about density, it said more about the limitations of developer-led planning. Presenting this month’s Warkworth Town Hall Talk, Mark Fraser, precinct manager for hlc, detailed the lengths necessary to dissuade builders from building…

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Reimagining the roads of Mahurangi

Roads, historically, were not about cars. They were not even about private vehicles, until the last 100 of human civilisation’s 5500-year existence. So perhaps the Labour Party’s pandering to Penlink is understandable, as it seeks to wrest more of the...

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Topic-paper feedback as submitted

With the input of members, and other readers of the Mahurangi Magazine, Mahurangi Action has submitted feedback on the structure plan topic papers to Auckland Council. In order that the preparation of the be totally transparent…

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Structure plan topic-paper switchboard

In an ideal world, everybody interested would have time to read the Warkworth Structure Plan consultation documents. But those just issued run to a total of 623 topic pages and maps. Between the first call for feedback and the 23 April deadline…

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Now the commission wants to explore

At least Ōrewa is equally inconvenient for all Rodney residents. In its case for twin local board areas, the Mahurangi Magazine pointed out: So disparate are the areas, that meetings of the Rodney Local Board are held in Ōrewa, which is in neither half. Now…

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Triggering automatic change to green

Most Warkworthians are unhappy that their town is now a satellite growth centre. Had a concerted campaign been waged against it, and unlimited funds spent fighting it, Auckland Council may have been forced to rethink. But that would not have…

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Warkworth, the watershed, and the whitebait

Mahurangi was always going to need all the help it could get. When, in 2004, the then Auckland Regional Council announced a $3 million, 5-year kickstart to address the harbour’s elevated sediment accumulation rate, Mahurangi Action was advised…

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Unlocking the magic of Warkworth

Warkworth’s population of 4000 is estimated to reach 27 000 in the next 30 years. Without relentless optimism, on the strength of international experience Warkworth-as-a-satellite-growth-centre is a recipe for a sprawling, Geography of Nowhere

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Twin tweaks to conquer

Status quo would be the less satisfactory option. Corner to corner, the Rodney Local Board area stretches 86 kilometres—a 165-kilometre, 2-hour drive by road, plus at least an hour’s walk at either end. In the context of an area of nearly 87 000 hectares, local board...

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Town hall planning to return favour

By 2019, many of the decisions about the new Warkworth could be being made in its old town hall. The Local Government Commission is currently considering reorganisation options for the Auckland region, including an alternative proposal made by…

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About-face for future Warkworth

Old Warkworth turned its back on the Mahurangi River. Although an egregious act of disrespect, Warkworth settlers were forward-looking Victorians, wedded to smart coaches and fast trains. The river had utility, but steamboats were a yesterday’s, Georgian icon. The...

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Riverpath puts Warkworth in league of its own

Mahurangi imagined in 2029 The following future-imagining does not necessarily reflect the opinions or aspirations of those persons or companies quoted or cited.   If measured in leagues, it’d be less than 1.3 of them. While it can take an eternity by road,...

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Warkworth Information Centre organises walks worth walking

Walks 7 & 8 November Dinner 7 November It is billed as Warkworth Walks Worth Doing, though only one is actually in or around Warkworth. There are seven, ranging from the relatively rigorous, to the summit of Tamahunga, to the trattoria-style Italian dinner at Herons...

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Forum flies through first big test

Sewage brings out the worst in people, and the worst people out. Although that is deliberately trite, sewerage proposals are legendary for eliciting the ‘not in my backyard’ response. It was easy in 1974. The Warkworth town council imposed a flawed scheme, albeit a...

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Is planning Rodney sprawling Rodney?

Submissions close 21 November 2008 Planning Rodney looks like a plan. Much of the hydrological catchment is shown in a Kaipara–Mahurangi green buffer—the largest of three that would stretch from coast to coast. North of this green buffer is the northeastern mixed...

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Upgrades and plan changes: Their way and the highway

It is all on for the riverside town. The town centre redevelopment and now a proposed district plan change. The council’s explanation is that the proposed plan change comes out of Warkworth’s structure plan and would: maintain the present ‘boutique-flavour’ of the...

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A meeting to form Transition Town Warkworth

Event Friday 16 May, 7.30 pm Venue Warkworth Catholic Church Hall, Alnwick Street No doubt you are aware of climate change. Maybe you have heard of peak oil. But what can you do? Peak oil and climate change will drastically change the way we live. Food, transport and...

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