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Sedimentation is the most serious proximate issue affecting the Mahurangi Harbour

Warkworth, the watershed, and the whitebait

The Mahurangi was always going to need all the help it could get. When, in 2004, the then Auckland Regional Council announced a $3 million, 5-year kickstart to address the harbour’s elevated sediment accumulation rate, Mahurangi Action was advised, regarding a similar...

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Mahurangi Action states its support for dredging

Statement of support for resource consent application to undertake capital and maintenance dredging within the Mahurangi River and to deposit dredging materials on land at Hepburn Creek Road Mahurangi Action Incorporated is strongly in support of the application for...

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Old Masonic Hall to see new public forum

Local government reform always provokes vociferous reaction. The Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, regardless of how democratically or otherwise it proceeded was always going to aggrieve a goodly percentage of the region. The semi-rural periphery in particular,...

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Marine farming the nasty way or the nice way

There are two ways to stop teredo. Build oyster farms from unpalatable material, or from palatable material impregnated with poisons. Biomarine, for its vast new Kaipara harbour farm, has chosen to eschew poisons such as chromium arsenates. Instead of pressure treated...

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Yes to shift a few tons of this earthly delight

Navigator, navigator rise up and be strong The morning is here and there’s work to be done. Take your pick and your shovel and the bold dynamite For to shift a few tons of this earthly delight Yes to shift a few tons of this earthly delight. Chorus of Philip Gaston’s...

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Hoping for a soft recovery

Letter Is the river getting cleaner? Several times this week I’ve seen small shoals of baby squid, near to where the watering wharf might go. I’ve never seen them before in the river. Do other people normally see them but I have missed them, or is this new? Mike Neil...

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Sediment as a resource: Another way to skin the cat

It took some of us longer than it did others. At the community discussion of the Mahurangi Action Plan on 10 September, Warkworth resident Jefferson Chapple challenged the gathering to think of sediment as a resource. Now, some of us thought we were already thinking...

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Kid’s eco-camps continue wholesome tradition

Detail Ira Seitzer The two ‘eco-camps’ planned this month for 8–13-year-olds as part of the Mahurangi Action Plan activities continue a worthy tradition of summer camps in the harbour. The Schoolhouse Bay property, which Rex Fairburn found for Friends of the Mahurangi...

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I thought it was naturally a muddy brown colour

Forum South-East Asian Survey Congress My name is Rebekah Liebezeit. I am 13 years old and I live in the Mahurangi area, one hour north of Auckland. I am also part of the group called the Stream Rescue Team. This group of about fifteen students concentrates on...

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Walk down to a stream, see crystal-clear water

Forum South-East Asian Survey Congress My name is Lottie Thompson. I’m eleven years old and I live in the Mahurangi Catchment. I’m here to represent my district, Rodney. We are here to share what we do to help our area. My passions are horses and the environment. When...

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Children of the Mahurangi thank their sponsors

As we prepare to depart this evening, a huge thank you to the councils, individuals, community organisations, and companies (listed below) who have contributed financially toward the costs of sending the children to Christchurch to present to the South-East Asian...

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High-impact cartoon could spark low-impact design revolution

Earlier yesterday, quite coincidentally, I tried to call Ross Kinnaird, to sound him out about a new personal project—the trifling matter of fixing MMP. I haven’t spoken to Ross for some time; the last was at Georg Kohlap’s funeral. We might have had a serious session...

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Today we meet Ms Morresey at Ransom Wines

The editor is looking forward to it. A gathering with prospects for more human and meaningful exchanges—after two ‘meet the candidates’ meetings, with several more to come. Purposeful, positive, discussion one-on-one or in small groups in the civilised environment of...

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That sublime feeling: My work here is done

I just had to call Shane Hartley. Fortunately for Shane he was on the phone, so I had to contain my excitement and write an email. Others hadn’t been quite so lucky that afternoon and quite a lot of phone time was spent reporting an historic breakthrough: The...

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After decades of inaction, action plan for clean up

New Mahurangi Action Plan project leader, Kim Morresey, has helped set up a meeting of stakeholders determined to end the impasse over derelict oyster farms. Responsibility for governance of marine farming now rests with Auckland Regional Council. The transfer of...

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Invitation to come meet Ms Morresey

We were discussing the curious characteristics of committees. I mentioned, to the new Mahurangi Action Plan project leader, that the last ‘formal’ Friends of the Mahurangi meeting was a year ago, and at Ransom Wines. And then felt it necessary to quickly explain that...

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A great harbour worth saving

L e t t e r Jim Dollimore, Biomarine Limited Since [13 July] we have had another storm!—I will have to close the factory for at least a week and send the staff on holiday. However the oyster farm and oyster culling staff will be around and it is a good opportunity for...

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Jim’s ill wind

The concept is consummate. With a severe storm approaching, faced with the likelihood of the harbour being closed for up to five days, and the prospect of having to lay off four or five workers until harvesting recommenced, Jim Dollimore emailed the editor suggesting...

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